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More work than expected

Greetings again to all. Today I come to talk about how the development of the web is going. You will have seen many changes in the design and new features added lately. Everything is going perfect although the truth is that it is requiring more work than expected and therefore more development time. However, I am really liking how everything is going. Where I have spent more time is in web design.

Then I will explain the most important news and those that are yet to come.


It is already possible to participate in each blog post and in the forums leaving your comments. You just need to create an account (free) to participate.


It is important that you know that by participating with your comments you agree to do so always respecting the rules of the community. Access to comments to those who violate compliance with these regulations could be blocked.


At the end of each blog post you can leave your comment and respond to those of other users. If you click on their names or photos, you can explore their profile. From time to time you will see that myself or TaleWare staff also participates in the comments. It is important that you know that everyone is identified with a badge after the username. I will talk about this later.


The forums delve deeper into participation within the community. The main difference with respect to the blog is that they allow users to start a conversation topic and not necessarily have to stick to one as if it happens in the blog. Although in the forums you cannot talk about any topic, you have to respect certain rules and defined themes. It is not possible to talk about things that have nothing to do with this website, for that there are already other places.

The forums are available although they will still receive many improvements in the design, so they are not yet in their final phase.

2. Staff plates

A very important function has been added that verifies the account of a web user so that the rest know that they are TaleWare staff. It is very easy to identify these accounts since they have a blue plaque just after their name.

Any user who claims to be a staff member and does not have this badge or badge will be lying. The members of the staff are only those who have said badge. Without going any further, my account has it, so you can take a look to see how it is. Look at the comments or just go to my profile.

This badge will be displayed in all comments (blog and forums), as well as in the user’s profile.

3. Store

As you can see, as of today the store is ready. Like the forums, there is still a lot of work for the visual part, but technically it is already operational and ready. This is where all my books will be presented and can be purchased. Take a look and see what you think. At the moment it is only possible to pre-purchase a book, although you see more will not be available until here much, although some already show their covers and details little by little.

4. Security

After the design, this is the section to which more time has been dedicated. It is surprising how many attacks websites receive and even more when they are good spaces with quality. Security is the most important thing because without it a whole project could be annoyed forever. From TaleWare we work hard so that all our users do not have the slightest problem ever in this regard and their navigation is safe and optimal.

Together with the design, this section is the one that has needed the most time and therefore the one that has caused the most delays in the future arrival of the books. But in my opinion the first thing is to do everything very well so that the second can come. Nothing to do things wrong, half or regular. The web, which will be the basis of everything, must be 10.

5. Scoring system and rewards

I already talked about this on occasion. It is a point system that rewards users who participate in the community and make purchases in the store. With these points you can level up, receive offers, access to exclusive sites on the web, get gifts and much more. This topic is for another quite long post, so I will leave it for the future, since this system is not yet implemented, although I assure you that it will have many options and you will like it, since it will reward those who participate positively and contribute to the rest.

6. Other news

Do not forget to follow the blog since there will still be more news besides these, although I wanted to inform you and record everything that is being done to create a good project with all its corresponding products. You have the test right here: on the websites managed by TaleWare. Such as this or the one dedicated exclusively to the Dreams Of Mana saga meet and surpass our minimum quality standard.

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  • October 13, 2019

    I really like a loot the design of the website. Fit doesn’t mater if takes more time, the important thing is make it nice. For now we can see a 50% of the design and its very nice.

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