Today I wanted to talk about the event of the year that most likely changes the video game market forever and in an extraordinary way. Despite what is coming it is very interesting and very good, there are not many people who know about this. Google Stadia will be the new videogame platform that will allow you to play videogames online and in real time without having a computer or console. You just have to have a screen that allows you to play video, since the work of running the game is going to be done by Google’s servers, and that’s where the real revolution is.

Although this revolution hurts many, it will make traditional consoles disappear by force, since they will not be able to compete with this system proposed by Google. There are many people (especially Spanish speaking) who say that this system will not succeed in the short term because internet connections are not powerful enough to receive all video data without slowing down the game. First of all and although it hurts to read it, in this industry the Spanish-speaking market neither punctures nor cuts. You just have to see how many video games are not translated into Spanish, and people don’t stop wondering why we are so many?

Secondly, the connections that will be needed to play will also not need to be so powerful. Today the population is concentrated in the cities and the internet connection that arrives to these will be enough to at least receive the video in HD quality. So most people will be able to play through this system, I have already done it and I have verified for myself that it works perfectly. Although I recommend that you do not do it over Wi-Fi, it is better that you do it via cable to take advantage of 100% of the connection. If you want to do it without cables then you should watch online tutorials that explain how to acquire a good Wi-Fi router and configure it to provide maximum speed to the devices (since most are configured at low frequencies because most people do not need more ).

That said, why will Google Stadia end traditional lifelong consoles?

1. Ease to play

I will be fast. It will not be necessary to break your head to play a video game with dignity. You will not have to go to the store and spend hours informing yourself of which console or computer is the best to play. There will be no need to spend a large amount of money on equipment to play, and what is better, there will be no need to worry about repairing, maintaining and updating them.

Instead everything will be reduced to a simple button that says “Play.” This button you will see for example in a YouTube video of someone who is playing that game you like. As soon as you press the button you will start playing the demo of the game that may last an hour until you are asked to buy the game. Not only that, from your Chrome browser you can access the catalog of available games and with just one click start playing the games you like. Some or most will include a demo so you can try them before, although it is best that with just one click you are already playing from the screen you want. YES, from the screen you want, television, laptop, mobile phone, tablet …

This great facility will make this system plow. The games will look good because the well-configured connections will be sufficient for this, and in addition nobody will go to the store to buy a team when for just one click you can already be playing the game.

If someone continues to go to the store, it will be the nostalgic ones that will cost them to accept the end of the consoles, something they had become accustomed to since childhood, something that perhaps some of them hurt in the heart. But rest assured that that ending is an ending for the better. Thanks to what is coming we will win a lot.

2. Price

You will save the cost of buying the equipment (which is not a little), and you will only pay for the games. They will not ask you to pay for the server in HD quality and 60 fps, but if you want 4k and 60 fps quality they will ask you to pay about 10 dollars or euros per month, with which you will also enter a catalog of free games that will last until you cancel the subscription.

This system will be cheaper than a console and much cheaper than a computer. You are not going to have to spend money on those devices and not only that, you are not going to have to spend money on the electricity bill, since that bugs consume a lot of light.

Computer users will notice the change much more than console users. But the console will win much more since the quality of the games will be much higher than they can play from a console. Do not intend to equate a console with a price of $ 400 / € with a computer that gives you Google Stadia of about $ 3,000 / €.

3. It will leave before the rest

Companies like Microsoft and Sony are developing game consoles that are outdated with respect to this system. They will not be able to face it since they play on a different level. Google Stadia will arrive this November 19, 2019, a year before the supposed departure of those consoles, that is, something of a higher level arrives before anything else of an even lower level. This will create an advantage for Stadia that if you know how to take advantage and the system really works well, it will be deadly for the rest. And I invite you to return to this article months later and check for yourself how this happens.

4. In this field nobody can compete with Google

Each technology company has its strong point and its weak point. Google’s strong point is precisely the internet. No one can compete with them in that field, as they are the best and where they feel most comfortable. That is why Google can provide all that power through servers so that all players can play through a click on the Internet to games executed by computers of thousands of euros.

The rest of the companies are going to have to produce their own similar systems in the cloud and the reality is that they are too late for that, we would be talking about maybe Google Stadia is left alone until 2 or 3 years. During that time you will take a lot of advantage.

But there is still something worse, are the millions and millions invested to create these outdated consoles going to waste? No, they will try to strain those devices desperately, although we can already expect that sales will be drastically reduced, which may even lead to their cancellation without looking at those they have bought.

5. Conclusion

That said, is it amazing that people still don’t know that Google Stadia does not exist? Wait, it’s not even started yet. This is about to explode, if Stadia really works and meets the promise, we are at the doorstep of a change in the video game industry, the biggest change since it was born. I’m sorry for those who wanted consoles, but that was over forever. Just tell you that the founder editions that have sold in presale of the system are sold out (and were not cheap). These include several articles to be better prepared for the start-up of the system.

I invite you to leave your opinion and future predictions as I have done. It will be funny to see who is right and who is not in a few months / years. Come on, dare ladies and gentlemen!
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