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Below we present a list with all the organizations and individually people who have participated in contributing their work. If you are a content author and want to contribute, you can submit your request on and follow the instructions. Bedurion is the one who leads the development of and is in charge of all its projects and development.

Producing, Planning, Management, Direction and Writing



Shusei SasayaAdam VargaChris ColdRado JavorRefiendJay JacksonReza AfsharYuta SakumaMarina Sansarik, Nikolai LebedevDmitry ProzorovMakoto ShikiSacha Angel DienerNuriko KunVulpes IbcultaRodrigo RamosSandaraThe Durrian and Vukkostic91.

Graphics, Vectors and Icons

LorcDelapouiteJohn ColburnFelbriggJohn RedmanCarl OlsenSbed, Prior Blue, Will DabeastViscious SpeedLord BarendasIrongamerHeavenlyDog, Lucas, Faithtoken, Skoll, Andy Meneely, Cathlineau, Kier, Heyl, Simon, Sparker, Zeromancer, Rihlsul, Quoting, Guard13007DarkZaitzev, SpencerDub, GeneralAce135, Zajkonur, Catsu, Starseeker and Pepijn Poolman.

Flags of Countries

Good Ware from


Turstmey, Halley, Firttruk and Colmir.

Community Managers

Mark Bend, Gravity, Tundr, Welviks, Anne Levi, Xeria, Brance and Varite.

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