I will explain a little how the community staff is distributed, that is, the people who try to keep this web space functioning correctly. I will explain the different groups that make it up as well as its collaborators. In addition or I will show how you can identify the staff or collaborators.

1. Types of groups

TaleWare Staff

This group of users are workers and are part of the TaleWare team, developer team of this web space and others also related to products in which I participate. In this group you will find news writers, moderators and customer service agents. In addition to other members with greater rank who also participate in the web.


These types of users do not belong to the TaleWare team, but they offer part of their time unselfishly to make the web a better space by monitoring that all the rules are met and providing useful information for others through their comments.

2. The badge

To easily identify TaleWare staff members, a blue badge has been designed that is located just to the right of the user’s name. You can see it for example in the forums or in the blog comments.

3. How to see the groups?

In the menu, within the community section, you can see a section called groups. There you will see the different teams that work and help the web. This way it will be easy to identify the staff and collaborators.

4. How to join a group?

Registration for groups is not open, but it is the TaleWare staff that selects collaborators and staff. As a user I think it is really good that you can easily see all the staff through these lists, as well as how they participate in the community and interact with people. From the profile of each of them you can follow up and see their comments on the forums for example.


If you want to be a collaborator it is best that you know all the content of the web well and contribute over a long time positively. You will see that from time to time registration forms are opened in which if you are finally selected you will access a final interview conducted by the TaleWare staff that will determine your access to the group.

TaleWare Staff

If you are interested in belonging to the TaleWare group, you must visit its website and inform yourself if there are new vacancies. As a staff member you will not only work on this website, but also on others that also belong to TaleWare.

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Comments to: Community staff and collaborators
  • October 15, 2019

    It’s very nice when the staff is in touch with community like other regular user more

    • October 18, 2019

      And we are preparing more spaces to engage the community with staff!

  • October 16, 2019

    I really like the image of the post. I’m looking forward for the forums being ready.

    • October 16, 2019

      In approximately 2 months will be finished, but now you can entry and write if you want.

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