I publish this post to clarify what I have decided to do with the books. While this website was going to be destined to be an online store where they were sold, that has changed completely. Then I tell you a little more.

Where will the books go now?

Nobody worry because future books will not disappear. They will simply move from the web page and be published in an original format different from the usual one. This means that you will have to go to DreamsOfMana.com if you are interested in reading them. But yes, you will find them integrated into the game.

What is that original format?

By this I mean that the stories that were told in the books will be integrated into the new reading game based on the Dreams Of Mana saga. It is an online reading game in which the reader plays while reading making decisions about the story. He decides where to go at each moment or what quest to complete.

For example, you will start reading a plot and you must understand it. Then there will come a time when on your own you must decide where to go to continue with the plot, with which character to talk or with which creature to fight. How do you do that? Simple, scroll through the pages of the online digital book built into the web! When you get items, coins or complete quests, you will receive points and experience that will be stored in your character’s account, so you can keep track and increase your hero’s power to continue the adventure.

You decide what to do and what to do to complete them. But it will not be easy, since you must understand them and find the right method to solve them. I recommend you see it on your own on the Dreams Of Mana website. All the books that were going to be released here will be integrated there.

Why in this format?

First of all because I like it so much more and I have a better time writing. Not only is writing, it is also making a game, something I like even more. On the other hand, I also like this format more because it easily creates a community that constantly keeps track of the updates in the story and shares them with other members at the same time on the website. I want that level of interaction and participate at the same time as a player with other users. Imagine adventurers commenting on the forums how to solve certain quests or reviewing a new plot. Being all integrated into the web, the community is a mandatory step for everyone and that generates activity.

Although another very important reason has been piracy. It is not necessary to explain what it is since surely you all know it, but piracy is doing a lot of damage to the authors and publishers. Now there are no guarantees that a good book stands out and not only that, it can be easily copied even if security measures are attempted. This often means that the benefits are not enough to be able to work as an author or for publishers to continue with the business. Piracy is a fact, a horrible fact that new technologies have brought. And precisely my idea was that, take advantage of new technologies and change the type of product to another that is linked to them. If you can not beat them, join them.

In this way, piracy is not possible in Dreams Of Mana. You could copy the texts, yes, but not the game. We could find the text of a quest or chain of quests on the internet and without authorization, but it will not make the same sense to read it only. It would be like watching someone play a video game and you can’t do it. You need to be connected to our servers, to our website, so that the system gives you the points, objects, levels, rewards, keys, equipment and a long list of things necessary to advance in each quest. At the same time you could not have access to the Dreams Of Mana community, which is linked to the game.


If you have read this far, you will probably wonder how much money Dreams Of Mana will cost if it is an online reading game that has all the books that were going to appear here integrated and not only that, many more quests with different stories. Well, I’m glad to give you the good news that it will cost US $ 0.99 per month! If your currency is the euro for example, it would be about € 0.90 per month! But if you decide to purchase an annual subscription, prices would still be better by halving US $ 0.49 or € 0.44 per year.

With this subscription you would have access to the full game, which includes all quests and features, community and support. It can be canceled at any time and even if you are not very supportive of the subscription models, it will come to mind because for a single dollar you will have access to all the content including all quests. In contrast to the traditional book system, each would cost about $ 19 in paper format and 8 in physical format.

I hope I have clarified a little more everything and I encourage you to visit DreamsOfMana.com to keep you informed about the departure date of the online reading game.

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Comments to: News and changes in books
  • November 1, 2019

    I think your proposal is great and a good solution to the serious piracy problems that small authors suffer today. Perhaps large companies have managed to mitigate the damage, but for the small author it has been a disaster.

    I think your idea is really good, although it will attract a different audience perhaps, more focused on games. It is a mixture and I find it most interesting.

  • November 2, 2019

    Nice point of view. Personally I prefer this option for the books!

  • November 2, 2019

    New website! Beautiful 🙂

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