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Bedurion is the author of sagas like Black Organization. Here in Bedurion.com, you can get all their products, but in this section you can get some more details about the author. Do you know when he presented his first book?

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“My passion is to create entertainment, and that others have a good time enjoying it.”

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Meet Bedurion

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The first scripts written for the sagas were started in 2008, although it was not until 7 years later, in 2015, that those scripts obtained enough consistency and content to recreate the sagas that are presented on this website today. Bedurion waited 5 more years until 2020 to create his website and finally present his first content: the Black Organization saga. Although it would not be the only content that he would have been preparing during all that time. Currently the scheduled date for the presentation of the first Black Organization book is scheduled for the year 2021. Bedurion will take a year to continue adapting the web space and improving this saga.

Bedurion’s identity remains anonymous. His books, products and the comments he makes on the web forums are all that is known about him.

Bedurion is usually active in the forums on this website. If you buy any of their products you can have access to these forums. In addition there is a section in the forums exclusively for members with membership time, in which Bedurion is usually more in contact with his followers.

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